Centre for Pavement Engineering Education Inc.

Evaluating Pavement Surface Treatments & Workshop

A two-day short course, focusing on bituminous surfaces, for managers of roads, engineers and engineering technologists, project managers and senior supervisors working for federal, state, or local authorities, consultants and contractors


The Course is primarily concerned with providing delegates with the knowledge, and practical understanding, to enable proper evaluation of various surface treatment options, and their application. A dedicated workshop will provide practical application of learning into typical construction scenarios.

Overall the Course will provide for understanding the fundamental types of flexible pavement wearing surfaces and their characteristics, functions and materials of construction. It will assist with the selection of an appropriate wearing surface and encompasses the theory and practice involved in designing a bituminous wearing surface. The importance and types of maintenance, pavement distress modes and evaluation techniques in respect of flexible pavements will be covered.

Topics Covered -

  • Opening and Introductions
  • Pavement Surfacing - importance, objectives & characteristic
  • Pavement Maintenance
    - types, importance & objectives
  • Pavement Evaluation Techniques
    - purpose & methods
  • Materials of Construction
  • Understanding bituminous binders, aggregates, emulsions, spray seals, asphalt
  • Types of Wearing Surfaces
    - functions and benefits
  • Select of Pavement Wearing Surfaces
    - from priming to speciality treatments
  • Designing Bituminous Wearing Surfaces
    - philosophy to design theory & practice
  • Pavement Distress
    - modes & mechanisms
  • Remedial Treatments
  • Workshop & Case Studies