Centre for Pavement Engineering Education Inc.

Unsealed Roads in Rural Environment

A two-day short course, focusing on unsealed roads in rural environments, for managers of roads, engineers and engineering technologists, project managers and senior supervisors working for federal, state, or local authorities, consultants and contractors.



The primary purpose of the course is to assist in the efficient management of unsealed road pavements. As well as addressing the fundamentals, advice is provided on design issues, improving material properties, constructionand operational aspects. Strategic management issues are also addressed.

Topics (2017)

  • Overview of Unsealed Road Networks
  • Structural Capacity & Pavement Material Properties
  • Improving Material Properties
  • Surface Characteristics & Condition Rating Systems 
  • Protocols for Conducting Filed Trials
  • Case Studies
  • Types of Unsealed Roads & Attributes
  • Asset Management Systems & Intervention Levels
  • Construction & Maintenance
  • Accessing Local Materials                                      
  • Cost Benefit Analyses

The following Austroads Guide is used as the key reference:
Guide to Pavement Technology
- Part 6: Unsealed Pavements