Centre for Pavement Engineering Education Inc.

Introduction to Concrete Pavement Construction Management

This one day course is ideal for construction management personnel who wish to gain an understanding/knowledge of concrete pavement construction management at project level. Specifically encompassing RMS Specifications R82 and R83 attendees will gain insights into lean mix concrete and plain concrete base as they impact on the subject project.

Intermediate plus level.



Intended to inform on the principles & practices involved in concrete construction management, the course program will closely follow the content in the appropriate Chapters of the Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology – Part 2: Pavement Structural Design and Part 4C: Materials for the Concrete Pavements, which are used as the principal references.

The materials content will however cover more information than is in the current Guide, as the selection and understanding of materials is critical to producing a road/pavement design that will deliver both structural and functional performance. The important construction aspects and there link to design will be a focus, and case studies used to highlight key aspects.

Topics Covered

  • Pavement Materials
    • Concrete Sub base & Base Concrete
  • Lean Mix Concrete
  • Mix Design & Testing Procedures
  • Understanding Jointing
    • Fundamentals & Joint Types
    • Sealants & Joint Layouts
  • Reinforcement & Anchor Design
  • Surface Finishing & Texturing
  • Key Elements
    • Linking Design & Construction
    • Maintenance
  • Case Studies & Workshop