Centre for Pavement Engineering Education Inc.

Concrete Pavement Design & Construction

This two day short course ideal for engineers and engineering technologists working for federal, state, or local authorities, consultants and contractors. This course is ideal for those involved in the design and construction of roads and pavements where heavier traffic and loads may be encountered.



Intended to inform on the principles & practices involved in concrete pavement design, the course program will closely follow the content in the appropriate Chapters of the Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology – Part 2: Pavement Structural Design and Part 4C: Materials for the Concrete Pavements, which are used as the principal references.

The materials content will however cover more information than is in the current Guide, as the selection of materials is critical to producing a road/pavement design that will deliver both structural and functional performance. Appropriate joint types and their design are key elements and will be discussed in detail. The important construction aspects will also be elaborated on.

Topics Covered:

  • Pavement Design Systems
  • Construction & Maintenance Considerations
  • Road Environment
  • Subgrade Evaluation
  • Materials
  • Design Traffic and Case Study
  • Structural Thickness & Pavement Design
  • Jointing & Reinforcement
  • Construction Aspects
  • Finishing
  • Worked Examples
  • Design Exercise and Workshop