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Advanced Pavement Design Workshop

This intensive one day workshop incorporates advanced use of the principles of the Mechanistic Pavement Design – CIRCLY 7.0 program. It is ideal for engineers and engineering technologists working for federal, state, or local authorities, consultants and contractors who already have a sound awareness and understanding of the basic principles & practices of pavement design.


Course Overview

Course content will closely follow that of the Chapters in the just revised Austroads Guide to Technology (2017) – Part 2: Pavement Structural Design which is used as the principal reference. The Materials session of the Course however covers more information than is in the Guide, as the selection of materials is critical to producing a pavement design that will deliver both structural and functional performance.

This workshop is ideal for those with some experience, and involved in, the design of road pavements, and wishing to enhance their design knowledge and skills.
The workshop expands on the content delivered in the CPEE 2 day “Pavement Design – Principles and Practices” course and the one day “Mechanistic Pavement Design CIRCLY” Workshop.
Enhanced understanding and examples will provide advanced learning on mechanistic design of bound pavements, design traffic & temperature impacts and their inputs into CIRCLY. The extended use of the CIRCLY mechanistic pavement design methods is hands-on, with each student having access to a PC. Knowledge will be gained on how the inputs are used to determine an appropriate pavement composition and overall thickness. Worked examples will underpin learning and awareness of enhanced features of CIRCLY 7.0.

Topics Covered

  • Pavement Design Systems
  • Materials Part A (characteristics and test Properties)
  • Materials Part B (engineering properties for mechanistic design of asphalt pavements)
  • Design Traffic
  • Design of Bound Flexible Pavements
  • CIRCLY Software and User Interface o Job assembly from existing components
  • How to modify CIRCLY database
  • “hands on” exercises and review
  • Enhanced CIRCLY features & Case Studies
  • Design Examples Feedback
    • - Traffic
    • - Bound Flexible Pavements


Payment is required 14 days from date of invoice. All payment must made prior to commencement of course. 

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