Rural Road Surfacings - unsealed & sealed - 2 Days

This practical course focuses on unsealed & sealed roads in rural environments and is ideal for project/asset managers of roads, senior supervisors, engineers and engineering technologists, working for federal, state, or local agencies, consultants and contractors. This course is presented in two parts.


Course Overview

Part 1: The primary purpose is to assist in the efficient management of unsealed rural roads. As well as addressing the fundamentals, advice is provided on design issues, improving material properties, construction and operational aspects.

Part 2:  Navigates through the Austroads guide to selection and design of sprayed seals (2018) and presents it in a logically flowing manner. The course commences with a basic-level introduction to functions of a pavement and functions of a pavement surfacing and treatment selection. The focus is then on sprayed sealing, starting with fundamental seal design theory, followed by an explanation of the Austroads design methods for primes and initial seals (primerseals), single/single, double/double, low volume roads, and heavy vehicle roads. Time is devoted to tutorials on each of these topics.  The differences for airport runway seal designs will also be introduced briefly.   The course finishes with case studies on actual problems, and practical solutions.

Topics Covered

  • Unsealed Roads - Introduction
  • Road Structures & Geometry Related Performance Attributes
  • Pavement Materials & Subgrades
  • Improving Local Materials – Insitu Stabilisation
  • Construction & Environment              
  • Tutorial 1 – Gradings and Blending Pit Materials    
  • Pavement Construction
  • Drainage and Environment 
  • Pavement Design Principles
  • Tutorial 2 – Using the Low Volume Road CBR Design Chart and Estimating Traffic
  • Case History Environmentally Sensitive Unsealed Road Stabilisation in a NZ national Park
  • The Function of a Surfacing
  • Materials
  • Treatments & Treatment Selection
  • Theory of Seal Design
  • Introduction to the Austroads Guide to pavement Technology Part 4K - Seals
  • Single/Single & Double/Double Seal Design & Tutorial
  • Heavy Vehicle Seal Design & Tutorial
  • Airport Runways – A Brief Introduction
  • Practical Problems & Solutions

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