Rural Road Surfacings - Unsealed

This practical workshop focuses on unsealed roads in rural environments and is ideal for project/asset managers of roads, senior supervisors, engineers and engineering technologists, working for federal, state, or local agencies, consultants and contractors.


The primary purpose of this workshop is to assist in the efficient management of unsealed rural roads. As well as addressing the fundamentals, advice is provided on design issues, improving material properties, construction and operational aspects. Strategic management issues are also addressed.

  • Unsealed Road - Introduction
  • Road Structures & Geometry Performance Attributes
  • Pavement Materials & Subgrades
  • Improving Local Materials - Insitu Stabilisation
  • Construction & Environment
  • Tutorial 1 - Gradings & Blending Pit Materials
  • Pavement Construction
  • Drainage & Environment
  • Pavement Design Principles
  • Tutorial 2 - Using the Low Column Road CBR Design Chart and Estimating Traffic
  • Pavement Maintenance & Defect Identification


Payment is required 14 days from date of invoice. All payment must made prior to commencement of course. 

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