Steve Jenkins

Steve is a Chairman of CIE Australia and has been Australia’s representative on CIE’s Division 4 Lighting and Signalling for Transport for 24 years. He is also the Chairman of Standards Australia committee on Road Lighting and also Chairman of Standards Australia committee on Retroreflective Devices. His professional interests have been in the areas of visual ergonomics in transport and in photometry, radiometry and colorimetry.

He gained his Bachelor’s degree at Imperial College, London University, majoring in Physics. The post-graduate degrees were obtained at Melbourne University in the area of psychophysics, studying the relationship between the stimulus and response in the visual sense. He spent ten years in the department of Defence, Applied Optics group then ten years at the Australian Road Research Board in the Road Users group, then the last 18 years involved in metrology in the optics and radiometry fields, and as a consultant in the visual ergonomics field.

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