Centre for Pavement Engineering Education Inc.

Pavement Recycling & Stabilisation - 1 Day

Suitable for:

This short Course is ideal for those seeking a working understanding on stabilisation and is suitable for engineers and engineering technologists, project managers and senior supervisors and operations personnel working for federal, state, or local government, consultants and contractors.



The use of stabilisation technology for stabilising and recycling of materials for pavement construction & rehabilitation is widely accepted as a cost-effective method of improving long term performance and reducing whole-of-life costs of modern, heavily trafficked pavements.

This Course will briefly review the types of stabilisation before more detailed presentations on types of binders, material characteristics, design and mix detailing, with sessions on specifying and case studies for practical outcomes. A feature of this Course is its significant practical and project based content which aims to provide practical advice on road stabilisation solutions.

Overall the Course will include discussion on the types of various stabilising binders used in road construction, their properties, manufacture, and chemical reactions during the stabilisation process and safety considerations associated with their use. The types of binders described are lime, cement, cementitious pozzolans, bitumen, chemical and synthetic polymers.

Topics Covered:

  • Types of Stabilisation Undertaken
  • Binder Types
  • Characteristics of Materials
  • Material Mix Design
  • Structural Design of Insitu Stabilised Pavements
  • Construction Process: Pitfalls & Equipment
  • Foam Bitumen and Lime Stabilisation
  • Case Studies and Open Forum