Centre for Pavement Engineering Education Inc.

Road & Public Space Lighting Workshop

This two day short course is ideal for those seeking a working understanding on public space lighting design and practice and is suitable for engineers and engineering technologists, project managers and senior supervisors and operations personnel working for federal, state, or local authorities, consultants and contractors.



This two-day instructional design focused workshop covers the latest practices applying to road and public space lighting design and practice. Used to support learning in the workshop is the Austroads' Guide to Road Design Part 6B - Roadside Environment, a general guide to road lighting standards and practice applicable to traffic routes and to a lesser extent, to local collector and minor roads. It is assumed that participants are knowledgeable about lighting terminology that is covered in the workshop.

This workshop, to a large part, is based on the Australian Standard AS1158-2005 and provides instruction on the basic principles but extends this to lighting design from first principles through to a design completion.

A lighting installations evening coach tour compliments understanding and learning.

Participants will have access to computers for use throughout the workshop for significant interactive learning and case study, using the Perfectlite software. This is a very hands on workshop.

Workshop Scope

  • Roads – major to residential.
  • Intersections and bends, carparks and park pathways.
  • Public spaces – car parks, walkways, etc.
  • Selecting energy efficient lighting hardware.
  • Hardware and software for public lighting.
  • Inspection and appraisal of pubic lighting installations